LYSC Recognition

The LYSC has developed a recognition policy for all travel teams to recognize exceptional achievement. This policy only applies to G6 and above teams during the spring season only. LYSC will award a monetary sum per player for attaining levels below.

Recognition levels

  • Qualify for the ECYSA Post-Season Tournament (Pingree) =  $50 per player/coach
  • Win the ECYSA Post-Season Tournament (Pingree) = $75 per player/coach
  • Winning MTOC Tournament =  $100 per player/coach

Recognition should be a physical award such as trophies, sweatshirts, hats, etc. 
All expenses need to be backed up by a detailed invoice or receipt in order to be reimbursed by LYSC. 

LYSC has agreements that provide discounts on all soccer related items. Please contact the Director of Player & Coach Development for details on recognition policy.