Player/Coach Development

Player and Coach Development

Lynnfield Youth Soccer Club has been working hard to support its coaches and players through licensing courses, clinics, in-season training, goal keeper clinics, utilizing the services of a professional soccer organization, and making the evaluation and player placement process more comprehensive and fair for all players.

All this adds up to a strong system, where all players of all levels can have fun, grow, and develop to the best of their abilities. From our “brand-new” soccer players to those playing at the G8 level, Lynnfield Youth Soccer Club is proud to have a soccer system in place that meets all of our needs.

Coach Development

Philosophically, LYSC understands the importance of having good, strong coaches, who are well trained and have the proper perspective (on soccer and life) to best teach our young players how to play soccer.

LYSC pays for all its coaches to get licenses. There are many levels of licensing in soccer, and we encourage our coaches to obtain their licenses to the level they are coaching.

Additionally, LYSC contracts with Aztec/Skillzcheck to run the clinics for our G2 and G4 players, holds pre-season coaching clinics for our U6 and G2 coaches, run in-season clinics for coaches at all the traveling team levels, holds specialty clinics, such as goal keeper clinics, runs summer soccer camp in June, and runs the independent evaluations (tryouts) for LYSC.

On top of this, we also utilize Mark Vermont, coach of the Lynnfield girls varsity soccer team, and Brent Monroe, coach of the boys varsity soccer team to help run a goalie clinic, summer camps and work with some of the G6 and G8 travel teams.

LYSC coaches are selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Past experience
  2. License level
  3. Coaching style
  4. Demeanor
  5. Ability to teach age-level appropriate techniques and tactics
  6. Ability to have fun while challenging players
  7. Timely return of player evaluation
  8. Attendance at coaches’ development clinics
  9. Willingness to bring his/her team to tournaments
  10. Willingness to coach indoor soccer

Coaches are voted upon by the Lynnfield Board of Directors generally in the August meeting for the Fall season and are expected to remain as a coach for the Fall and Spring season.  All coaches (head coaches or assistants) must register in the LYSC system and are required to submit for CORI submission and Concussion Certifcation, both ECYSA mandates.

LYSC assigns a Head Coach to each team.  When more than one prospective Head Coach is interested in the position for a team, the Board of Directors in its sole discretion will decide upon the position.  Prospective Head Coaches for teams in conflict are encouraged to attend the August Board Meeting to present their qualifications in person.